Thursday, September 15, 2016

I may get to embrace change again...

A long time ago I worked in a very chaotic world. It was in the the world of telephony and computers. "The phone company," IBM, AT&T, Bell Labs, start-up companies in Silicon Valley...

Mergers, acquisitions, failures, in short, changes of every kind.

It became a game with me to see how I could make a change not-of-my-making benefit me. A more interesting job. More money. A better location.

And it looks like one of those opportunities is fast approaching.

My Executive Director is fighting with the Board of Directors.

I'm trying to be Switzerland.

I'm ending up standing in No-Woman's-Land.

Each telling me that they are my boss. Each telling me I can't do anything for the other.

It's taking every ounce of willpower, professionalism, and gee-I-need-to-pay-my-mortgagism to not to tell them all to...well, you know the rest of the sentence.

I'm looking for work. This time, nothing that requires me to worry so much that I work way too many hours and put my heart and soul into it. I want something I can go to on time, work hard, and then leave it behind.

The three biggest possibilities?

1) Working at a UPS store a squidge away from my house.
2) A medical group down the way a bit in walking distance that has 100% free medical/dental/vision coverage after a month.
3) A retirement "resort" in biking distance that needs a general manager. Yes, more pay, but also more responsibility and headaches.

So, I'm embracing this probable change. I'm remembering back how it was in the the old days before my "first retirement." I can do this. It will turn out to be a magnificent opportunity. I won't stay awake half the night worrying. I won't be so exhausted that I can hardly breath.

Do you like change? How do you approach it?

R. hope the PT is helping and that the pain lessens with each passing day.

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