Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On sunsets and sheep...

My dear friend Linda, who also goes by Ms. Donegal, wrote a cute email in response to my sunsets vs. sheep post. She gave me permission to share it since part of it is to Liz.

"Darlin' you have no idea how much the annual sunset/sheep debate tickles me. It's been a runnin' joke since what 2002? We're still leaving in December. We won't be sorry to get out of dear Kenai for a while. Will be sure to lamb you when I get back.

Liz your a doll. Thanx for sticking up for the sheep. (I also love sunsets. I just have to give her a bad time.)

Talk at you soon.


Linda is a real pioneer woman. She has to trek to a neighbors to get to the Internet. She actually writes handwritten letters and she's a fine and funny friend.

She makes me want to move to Alaska. (At least I think about it once for a second every 10 years or so.

I took the advice of a savvy friend and returned this:

For this:

I knew I would be sorry if I didn't. Every time I looked at the dark blue one in the package I thought about the light one.

Wishing you a great rest of the week.

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  1. Hi Lynda! I envy your visits to beautiful Ireland, pls send sheep pix via Hunter!

    Hunter, I know I butt in, but ,look! I met someone new and intersting, so prob I ll never change.

    SO glad you exchanged the cover, good job.

    PS I started physical therapy. Every tiny move hurt like a dentist drill, but I am trying.



    [liz/ lizzy etc]