Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"H" is for ...

Oh, oh. I can't even think of some weird little silly thing that "H" stands for today.

I'm noticing that everything gets a little harder without a good, sound sleep. Even silly little things.

It's good for me to remember when I get frustrated.

I'm fighting not to be "Debbie Downer." Dear Partner is having a tough day. He needs support and an attentive partner. I have to remember that I am not the center of the whole world. Making sure you help other people without making everything about you is important, too.
"Here, let me help you carry that. With two of us it will seem much lighter."
Two sentences today, but I needed to finish the thought.

 I hope you're having a great day.

The next post will be wordless. I'm trying to get my eyes to see things in a new light. After all, I have a friend coming to visit who is so excited about coming here. It's got to be a great place, yes?

All the people who have flown thousands of miles and spent tons of money can't all be wrong.

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