Friday, October 28, 2016

"K" is for knitting...

I woke up very early this morning, so I knit, read a book, played a computer game, and folded cranes. Yes, all at the same time. I had a busy brain this morning.

Lizzy inspired me to go visit my childhood home. I lived there until I was seven. Isn't Google Maps amazing that you can actually go and visit places?
Here's my Writing Blip for today:
"Knitting is like life. You have a choice of the materials you use and you choose how to put them together. You can easily start again if it's not going the way you want.

I guess that's one of the greatest things that I found to be true for me. My life became so much happier, I felt freer, and I felt wiser when I figured out that I couldn't blame my childhood for my grown-up issues. I realized that any old issues were in the past and I was in the future. What happens in my adult life is my responsibility, it's not due to someone else's garbage from a long time ago.

I was genuinely surprised when I looked at the house where I grew up. I felt nothing but curiosity to see how it looked. I am happy for the people that live there now because it looks so well maintained.

I enjoyed the visit, but I'm glad that I can return to now. I like now even with all of its challenges. And ultimately, I like the person I've become. Even, or because of, the split and slipped stitches that make me who I am."
I can tell NaNo is almost here. I'm starting to turn away from my tech writer habits of conciseness and brevity and I'm getting wordy. I'm also not editing anything, so please forgive any typos and crappy grammar. NaNo begins on Tuesday and I've already met a nice person on the NaNo boards.

I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Hunter
    I am visiting you after joining Lizzy D on her pumpkin patch adventure. So true about knitting- its quite "forgiving."

  2. You guys never saw my knitting, no one could forgive some of my flaws. [Yes, Hunter, I know that s not what the homily meant.]

    Hunter, I loved seeing your childhood home. It looks well cared for, as did mine...which makesus glad, in a sentimental kind of way.