Thursday, October 13, 2016

Still alive...

Work is still in turmoil. I'm looking for life lessons from the universe. Here are a few that I'm choosing to believe:

  • No one has power over you. They only have the power you give them.
  • Work is something to do to earn money to do the things you love. Happiness in real life doesn't have a thing to do with happiness or unhappiness at work. (OK, I'm struggling with this one. So much time is spent at work that it somehow seems to overshadow home.)
  • It's essential to leave work and work and not let it color off-work time. (I'm struggling with this one, too. I'm finding singing "Na na na" when I think of work at home is driving my Dear Partner crazy. I'll have to find a new mantra.
There are more that I'm trying to see. It's hard.

In real life, I'm folding 1,000 cranes for a dear friend who just had open heart surgery. I'm sorry for her challenges. I feel honored that she asked me to fold cranes for her. (She thought the legend was for 100 cranes. She felt guilty when she found out it was 1,000.)

I think I finally convinced her that she was giving me a gift letting me fold them for her. The cranes mean so much more when each one if folded with a specific person in mind.

This has been a great break this morning. I'd better get back to work.

I hope you're having a great week. I'll try to post a bit each day. Maybe I'll start "Writing Blips" each day just to get back online.



  1. Hi! I m sorry work is still difficult, I know you put your whole heat and effort and love into your work, so it must be evry hard.

    Please fold some healing thoughts from me into your friend's carnes. [if that s okay.]

    I ll enjoy whatever you feel like writing. No pressure but Nanorama is looming, will you write again this year?


    robin [lizzy/ etc]

    1. heart, not heat. Tho maybe heat too, ...

    2. cranes / very/ [I had a migraine].