Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Meet Wick...(Please don't read this if you don't like cats. (Lisa ) ;-)

Meet Wick.

My characters for NaNo are appearing. However, I have no idea about their stories or how they'll join together. I will not be posting any of my NaNo writing this year. Primarily because I'm not sure how many words I'm going to write. I have no goal other than it would be fun to write about 11,200 words so I could reach a total NaNo word count of 500,000 words.

Lisa W. asked what my name is on the NaNo site. I'm Speedbump. It's the username I joined with in 2004. The only way you can change your username is to start a new profile. I want to keep all my old info.

I'd love to add anyone who's doing NaNo as a Writing Buddy. You can add me on the NaNo site and I'll add you back.

Meet Wick. So far, he's my favorite new character.

He's a really good guy who gets a bad rap because he's a black cat. Some superstitious people feel as though he's bad just because of his color. He's not evil or mean. He's just a black cat who has a slight identity crisis.

He usually looks like this:

If he gets angry, he looks like this:

And he ends up looking like this:
Inside every cat is a lion. Wick is just is a little more open about it.

With hope that you don't mind a black cat or two.


  1. Wick is lovely. Maybe he is a Shapeshifter?

    1. Probably. He hasn't told me yet. lol.