Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This is why I don't make sketches...

I'm one of those people who can't draw. Everyone says that anyone can. I've tried books. I've tried sitting with people. It's just not my thing. I can vividly see things in my head. I can pretty much quilt them. But drawing them out so someone else can see what I'm thinking just doesn't work.

That being said, here's the quilt that's demanding to be made. I'll probably make a wall size proof-of-concept before I start larger one.

This palm:

It looks like it's blowing in the wind, but the truth is that he's been in his windy spot so long he just always looks windblown. I love the light blue sky in the bottom of the pic that turns darker and darker.

I love the silhouettes of palm trees on the beach.

What I'm going to try to capture is the movement of the first palm. The fabrics will be joined in gentle curves, also for movement. The beach. The light blue sky with darker blue at the top.

The beige beach will be highlighted with a sprinkling of something similar to this:

The light blue sky will have a sprinkling of something like this:

And the dark sky:

I'll decide about the batik fabric colors and the seed bead colors, but this is the general idea.

The tree will be solid back batik.

Who knows. I may be done after the wall hanging. It will depend how the return to hand quilting goes. I just don't enjoy the sound of a sewing machine, although I had hoped to switch over. The calm and peacefulness is why I quilt.

How do you "see" your projects before you begin?

Wishing you a great Thanksgiving.


  1. I love it! You re very thoughtful and creative. Your sketch captures your thoughts which is all that matters. I ll write more later, I have to go rescue a pie disaster at my friend's.



  2. PS If it s my own project or design I can see it in my head, which is why tho I enjoy the comaraderie , I dislike mystery quiltalongs, and other peoples' patterns. I also make sketches, my things always look exactly like my sketches [remember I designed clothes for years so being able to draw was a necessary skill], so good thing I'm a pretty good sketcher and patternmaker. My dad was a wonderful sketcher, he d be describing a project--intricate furniture, or a building! or a folk art toy, and as he talked the piece would come alive on a napkin or old envelope,under his seemingly careless pencil. I still have all his sketches for the Noah's Ark he hand carved for me [painted by my mom]. I love the drawings as much as the amazing ark itself, all 30 plus sets of animals and boat and Noah etc.

    That said, sketching is just a talent, a learnable skill. Your sketch need only remind you of your idea/ plan, it s for you.