Sunday, December 11, 2016

Nutcracker Sweets

We had a great time at Nutcracker Sweets last night.

The daughter of a woman we work with was dancing several parts. She's 13 and has been studying dance for 9 years. I couldn't believe the time commitment involved in someone studying dance...or the devotion of her mom that gets her to all her practices and performances.

The costumes were lovely. The littlest kids were so cute. They worked so hard to get their performances right. They were all so carefully watching each other. And it was precious when they put two lead ballerinas on stage with them. They concentrated so hard to stay in step.

I found myself watching feet and hands a lot. It was interesting to see who had studied long enough to dance on pointe and the subtle differences of how each dancer interpreted the same dance.


Thank you for your kind words about the thread doodles. It is fun to literally "scribble" with thread. Jules, I may make enough to sew them together. It's the process for me, though, rather than the end product.


Here's a short piece posted by the Maui Arts and Cultural Center that shows a little of last night's performance:

If this loads too slowly on this post, you can view the clip here.

I hope you're having a great weekend.


  1. I loved seeing the show, the dancers are delightful. Thanks for the smile today.

  2. Ah, long ago and far away I was a stage mom (which if you knew me is a total head shaker). My older daughter danced in several Nutcrackers over the years and I loved every one, but most especially when she danced on point in the Waltz of the Flowers (her last year). Thanks for recalling this memory!