Thursday, December 22, 2016

The plumerias are blooming...and my goals

My goals are:
  • Create an embroidery stitch sampler on small squares of remnant material.
  • See Maui with new eyes. People fly thousands of miles and spend huge sums of money to visit here. After 18 years and only 2 trips off the island, I've started taking it for granted.
  • Develop techniques for keeping work and home completely separate. My son has accomplished this in his life and I've asked him to help me learn how to do it.
The plumeria tree in our front yard is covered in flowers. I wish I could make this a scratch and sniff picture.

 Wishing you sunshine and flowers.


  1. Hunter - I wish you well with the third goal, which will enable the first two. I never did manage a work/life balance that supported my creativity and am always in awe of those who have (Hazel at Handstories and Velma at Wake Robin come to mind ... although Velma has since retired).

  2. Great goals, Hunter. Wish you well in attaining your goals! Lovely flower.