Friday, January 13, 2017

Asking when you know -your- answer

Finally, a better pic. My project finally saw a little daylight.

The variegated thread looks better in person. I cut the threads so they went from darker to lighter shades.

It was a challenging day. I couldn't stop stitching after I started. The soothing rhythm helped my busy brain slow down. I concentrated on breathing slowly and deeply. My eyes relished the colors. Time stood still. I was able to stay in the moment and not think ahead or behind.

So I kept going. Nothing fancy. Just stitches that let me keep moving.

And I love the way it looks. Probably because of the way it helped me feel.

Now on to asking a question that you already know your answer.

When I asked what you did with your "leftover" threads, I already knew my personal answer.

I threw them out.

Wasteful? Yes. Not thinking about it? Priceless.

I think I was looking for permission to toss them. It made me laugh when it dawned on me that at 63 I can essentially do anything I want to do without feeling guilty. (Within the boundaries of my personal code, of course.)

So I tossed them and smiled.

I hope you're having a morning (evening) (night).

Thank you for visiting.


  1. That s funny. It never occurred to me t throw them out.

  2. Amen - right of passage - Ahoy Maties!