Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bet you heard me squeal...

A very long time ago, I used to hand piece and hand quilt.

My life changed and I got so busy that I quit.

I gave away most of my stash.

Except for my favorites.

I forgot what I kept.

I knew I had some fabric in my almost inaccessible closet under my stairs. I didn't remember that I kept most of my blue batiks. I also kept some light blue flannel pieces and large pieces that would make great quilt backs.

Meet the fabrics for my Ravioli quilt. It'll now look like blue, ocean bubbles. I feel as though I went shopping and spent a million dollars.

I ran right out to my neighborhood quilt store and treated myself to this:
YLI Machine Quilting, 100% cotton in Danube Blues.

I ordered a package of new needles for my sewing machine and some bobbins.

Today, I just may be one of the happiest people on the island. In case you can't tell, blues make me incredibly happy. Did this overcast day ever turn bright and shiny.

Did you ever find anything you stored in your space that surprised you and made you happy?

Hoping you're enjoying your weekend, too.


  1. Oh, that variegated blue thread would make me squeal, too

    But (true confession) I'm into leaving things out in the open for the very reason that it's hard to forget what one can see. Don can attest that I'm a bear to live with after "cleaning up and putting away" because I can't find anything once the stratigraphic layers are disturbed. Ha!

  2. I cleaned up my desk at work and I can't find jack. I can't leave everything out at home or we can't walk from room to room...we're in a 800 sq ft townhouse. I did try once, though. ;-)

  3. Yes, those moments are worthy of "Eureka,"or "Hallelujah." Every time I put things away, I cannot find what I need. Subsequently, I spend way too much time hunting down the item and lose the momentum to work on a project.

  4. Hi! The varigated blue is lovely. However be aware that switching your machine thread to quilting thread, esp on the bobbin can cause huge issues with the machine's tension , depending on the thread and the machine. You may also need to change your needle.

    This is weird but I pretty much remember all my fabric and usually know where it is at any given time. [I think it s my design training...]; however my entire collection of blue batiks and hand dyed Japanese indigos and ikats is missing. I m afraid it got thrown out somehow...

    1. Oh, no. I hope someday you find a secret stash of your blues. I do remember that you mentioned them to me before...maybe Mo is teasing you.

  5. Thank you for the tip about quilting thread. At least I remembered not to use my old hand quilting thread. Lol

    If I have too much trouble with the thread, I'll switch to gray thread. I always thought it looked pretty with blues. I was trying to hide my stitches in case I couldn't sew straight on the machine. Lol.