Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fun to do. Putting colors next to each other.

Question. How do you avoid this? I'm about to throw it out, but it seems so wasteful.

Actually, my threads weren't this piled up until I threw them together, but they were not neat.

Lessons learned today:
  • I love color. 
  • I'm getting threads all over everywhere.
  • The ingrained habit of washing hands my before working on a project pertains to embroidery even more than some other art.
I was having a discussion offline about enjoying the journey instead of working to get to the destination. I'm very much a journey person. I enjoy ending up with a finished product, but I always feel a little sad when I complete a project.

This stands as one of my favorite projects:
It's a lace sampler based on the book Knitting Lace by Susanna Lewis.

This remains one of my favorite books of all time.

I'm heading off to bed since tomorrow is a work day. I am going to work at home tomorrow, so it'll be fun and relaxing...and I'll sneak a few stitches here and there.

Aloha, and I'm wishing you a wonderful rest of your week.


  1. Love your lace sampler ... what fiber did you use? I hope you can show a close up shot or two in the future.

    As for your thread dilemma, you're not alone! I have thread remnants everywhere (much to Don's chagrin). Maybe I should make a late start on the stitch a day project to use them up!

  2. Your lace sampler is amazing. I too would love to see more photos and details. My photo hint is: take many shots, be patient, edit, your phone must have a simple edit thing or use photoshop.

    With embroidery tangles you can
    1-Live with a mess, in a baggie, which is fine. Being snarly is harmless.

    Or- 2- Because I have any needed embroidery done for me by my finicky friend, I wind the threads onto used, empty sewing thread spools as soon as I open them. [Lori on Notforgotten Farm even offers a handmade winder/ box/ spools for this]. You can buy wooden spools at the crafty store. If unlike me you don t have a drawer full of empty spools.

    3 - you can buy or make little cardboard flat spindles to wind the thread onto.
    4 - you can cut into usable lengths and attach the threads to rings or thread keeps....

    as for journeys: Be a shark--always move forward, keep going, enjoy....

    hugs for me and Mo