Saturday, January 21, 2017


I was doodling something on my embroidery project that I imagined when I woke up in the night.

What I imagined was more like a spider web.
The thing that tickled me was that two stitches from the end, I realized I was making overlapping squares.

I'm glad I didn't realize that earlier because I probably would have tried to straighten up the squares. The crookedness is something I love. I would have not enjoyed it nearly as much if the doodle had turned out to look like a stamp.

I'm having a most amazing, fun day. I hope you are, too.


  1. Okay, this is just incredibly cool!

  2. Thank you, Liz. Your comment is so encouraging. I feel as though I'm trying to find my way. It's so much fun to find two things that are so new. (Sewing machine and embroidery.)

    I'm prowling your blog and enjoying every minute of it.

    Thank you!