Sunday, January 22, 2017


Today's embroidery lessons, which turn out not to be embroidery lessons at all:
  • I love things to be imperfect. Not a big deal unless you know that I've been a perfectionist my whole life.
  • A tiny needle with 1-strand of 6-strand embroidery thread (floss?) makes me happy.
  • Just doing things without overthinking them is really fun.
  • I've always been a journey person, but I still used to have an idea where I was heading. Wandering around a project where I have absolutely no idea what comes next is a riot. It's kind of how I plan on living my life after May 2nd. I'm walking away from a salaried position just as I did when we moved from California. I think I may work at Longs Pharmacy, or maybe Jack in the Box.
I hope you are having a great day today.


  1. Ah, needleweaving ... did you know Jude Hill is going to release her online class "Considering Weave" over at Spirit Cloth? That was where I first connected with several of my kindred spirits.

    As for your employment plans ... well, been there, done that. Except we went all the way a retired. The only real kicker has been private health insurance (which doubled this year). But the freedom to be and to create have been priceless!

    Last, but far from least, I too am a recovering perfectionist. I think that's why your stitches yesterday really spoke to me.

  2. Best wishes for the changes in May.

  3. Hunter, good for you! I retired in Sept 2015 - welcome each day in the new Season of your life.
    More and more, I am finding myself identifying with "Imperfectly Perfect" when it comes to my needlework. Blessings.