Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blue ravioli

I'm making about one (count it 1) ravioli a day. Today I might make two.

The pale one above is actually a very nice light blue batik.

I sew the ravioli together with a 1/4" seam allowance, so these wandering stitches will be covered up.

I forgot how much I love to sit and stitch. I know I'll do some of the ravioli on the machine as soon as I am in the mood to sit upstairs where my sewing machine lives. It's just been relaxing to sit on the couch and mindfully stitch.

I'm off to grab a few minutes to see what you're doing. I hope you're having a great week.


  1. I've never enjoyed machine sewing ... always felt driven and rarely was I satisfied with tension, stitch length, and/or seam width. I can control all those things by hand sewing while sitting in my (much more) comfortable stitching chair. Relax and enjoy!

  2. I think I m getting the gist of the ravs. I have the notion one must make a few to figure them out. I thought they d be stuffed as you go, or by row, I guess you do them all at the end?

    I enjoy both machine and hand sewing. The sewing machine isn t some new fangled interloper! Been around almost 200 years. The one use I can't understand is machine appliqueing repros of traditional heirloom quilt designs...that ugly zigzag! And fusible. Not attractive...

  3. The only sewing machine I ever thought was fun was an old Singer treadle machine. I loved the rhythm of it and the quieter sound. I had one of the cabinets. Good thing I didn't try to bring it here with me. It wouldn't have fit up the stairs and there's no room in my tiny living room. lol.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love hearing from you.