Sunday, February 12, 2017

My own response to my previous post

I just want to clarify something.

My last post was about my experience on one particular day. I don't want it to color your impression of cataract surgery as I apparently did.

My first surgery was so easy.

Better than any trip to the dentist...even easier than a cleaning with no cavities.

My appointment was at 8:00a and thanks to pre-registration, there were no hazzles.

I was in back in prep by 8:15a and into surgery by 9:00a.

It took about 15 minutes for the actual surgery. Thanks, in part, to the machine that broke yesterday.

Since I had no drugs, including the offered drug to decrease anxiety, I was on my way home in another 15 minutes.

In approximately two hours, I went from 20/150 with signicant astigmatism to 20/25 after a relatively short healing time. My "bionic" eye still requires reading glasses when I read or work on the computer for best results.

Colors pop and I can read signs at great distances. I see better than I did in my teens.

It's a miracle surgery and I wish I had done it sooner.

I think Liz had a great point. It would be great to ask about a "Plan B." It never occurred to me. I think that's especially important if your surgery is on Saturday like mine was.

I apologize if I made anyone anxious about cataract surgery. My post was more for me to "write out" the day.

Hugs all around.


  1. You re such a trooper! Trouper? Maybe a facility w more of the machines might be a good plan? [I know you don t have that option.] I wonder what happened to the woman being worked on, did she lose vision entirely? [I have heard that they do one eye at a time in case "anything goes wrong'', so the victim, I mean patient, will have one good eye left.]

  2. Blessings on your successful surgery! So sorry you had to go thru that earlier experience.