Sunday, February 12, 2017

One of those life experiences yesterday

You know the ones. An opportunity to see how you respond to things. How you treat people. What you think.

A tech writer summary. (My profession in a past life.)

My second cataract surgery (almost). Here goes.

Wait for months (OK). Plans. Rearrangements. Excitement. Dread. Frustration with vision. Positive thoughts. Sleepless night. Day of. In bed waiting. Pricks and sticks. Waiting. Lots of eye drops. No water or food for 16 hours (but who's counting). Fatigue. Nurses eating and drinking sub sandwiches and Coke. A critical machine breaks. Sent home. Just like that.

There were good things. Some to learn and many to appreciate.

The positives far outweigh the bad.

I was next when an essential machine broke. In the middle of someone's surgery. Grateful it wasn't me.

The woman on the table had been spiteful and mean all morning. Karma?

When I found out I was going home, I had angry thoughts. Some of them almost escaped. But they didn't. I'm proud of that. I wish I had been more gracious to a very nice nurse, but I was too close to tears.

Another incredibly positive group of feelings. Other "rides" left with instructions to call when they were needed. Dear Husband stayed and waited  for me. I had to ask a nurse to go and tell him I was OK.

When I came out, I knew he was concerned and angry. Another woman was sobbing as her husband ranted. Mine put his arm around me, wrapping me in quiet peacefulness and love, while we walked to the car. Just what I needed.

Yet another reminder of the priceless gift of a best friend

Today? Feelings of disappointment. I was supposed to wake up with a new, rejuvenated outlook on life. But gratefulness, too. I wasn't the one on the table who had to wait in fear, and I imagine dread, as they tried to figure out how to finish her surgery. She was screaming and berating them. Although understandable, I guess, I would not have chosen to make my surgical team any more upset than they must have been. I hope.

And one ravioli made. A small token of choice, creating, and moving forward.

Thank you to friends who offered encouragement and support. You are another part of the experience that I treasure.

Now back to our peaceful, ravioli blog.




  1. Wow ... so thank you for this. When it's my turn to get cataract surgery I'll be sure to ask them what Plan B is.

  2. They tried to call the repair person, but it was Saturday and they couldn't reach him. The doctor started calling his friends to get someone to come in and share their office. The surgeon flies in once a month from one of the other islands. He's the best. One of the nurses says this happens once a year. That's a little disconcerning since it's a laser and the thought of it malfunctioning is a little creeply. Lol

    Thanks you for visiting, Liz.

  3. I missed this post and your experience. How truly awful for you. One never imagines the high tech gadget doing the work might break down like an old Chevy pickup on a muddy midnight ride. I hope you ll be able to reschedule and have a better result. You are truly blessed to have your DH be such a good guy.

    hugs from robin and Mo!