Saturday, March 18, 2017

Not necessarily the most fun part of quilting...

It's hard to make ravioli without squares.

I ran out of my cutting mojo before I cut all the muslin I wanted.

These squares, however, should keep me going for the next five years or so. ;-)

I hope you're having a great weekend.


  1. Oh dear, it will be beautiful, and I'm still loving the color. But perhaps it's time for a ravioli break. Actually, when I made quilts, rotary cutting was something I didn't mind. The swishing sound of the cutter through fabric felt meditative to me. I did, however, end up at the hand specialist's office with a sore nodule in my palm that he attributed to using a rotary cutter so much. His advice was to buy an ergonomic one. Maybe that's an idea for you to not mind it so much.

    1. Aloha, Barbara. I had a nice break working on my embroidery, but it's back to the Ravioli quilt now.

      Thanks for the reminder about the rotary cutting and care of hands. I'm fortunate that I don't do much cutting anymore.

      Sending good thoughts for your hands. It one of those things, like vision, that we tend to take advantage of until life reminds us to treasure them.

      Thanks for visiting.


  2. I find that some days, I prefer to do all the cutting or pressing of fabric, or whatever other steps are involved like a production line. Pretty, pretty, blue fabric.

    1. Thank you, Sue. The blues do make me happy.

      I usually don't mind cutting and ironing. I'm just at a stage where my "fun" time is limited, so I'd rather be sewing than cutting. lol.

      Thank you so much for visiting.


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    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I fear my blog is getting a little more boring than usual. lol.

      Aloha and hugs to you.