Friday, April 28, 2017

I'm alive...mostly.

Just wanted to drop in and say, "Hi."

I've worked over 50 hours each week for the last 5 weeks.

In survival mode.

Thinking of you and I'll catch up as soon as I can see daylight.

Hugs and Aloha,

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Does anyone remember the Duck and Cover drills in school?

Did you participate in the Duck and Cover drills in school?

For those of you who missed them, you didn't miss much.

The basic premise was that if there was an atomic bomb explosion, we were to get under our desks,  and cover up our heads and necks. Even at a very young age, it didn't seem that was going to help much.

We drug ourselves home last night after working 30 hours in 2 days. We plopped on the couch and noticed this:
Bill the Cat had figured out his own version of Duck and Cover.

We had a great laugh which felt really, really good.

It's funny how stuff like that happens. One of us must have pushed him off the couch without noticing...or Bill really does know the benefit of Duck and Cover.

Thank you for all your emails of support. We have help and support arriving Monday.

Aloha, and I hope you're having a great week.

Monday, April 17, 2017

"Beware of the Blob"...

Aloha, and welcome this fine Monday.

First, I often forget that not everyone watched the ancient "Friday Night Creature Feature" movie program, or Saturday morning science fiction movies.

The Blob is a movie made in 1958 about a creature from outer space that looked and moved like a horrible, gelatinous hunk of growing and destructive Silly Putty.

I think it was Steve McQueen's first major movie. I'll still watch it, even though the title song is so bad it makes toes curl.

My goal of sewing raviolis Sunday afternoon gave way to a few minutes Sunday evening. Here is the state of my sewing room futon:
The quilt on the left is a doodle quilt I call "Window Cats." I bought a curtain rod so I can hang it on the wall behind the futon, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen.

I'm pretty sure the photo is fuzzy, but my eyes have finally given up seeing straight and I snapped one pic on the way out the door this morning.

The quilt to the right is just gifted squares sewn together.

Both of the quilts are hand pieced, and the cat quilt is hand quilted.

There were 100 ravioli ready to sew on the seat of the futon. I actually got 10 done last evening.

Today, a picture of this is hanging on my work desk as well as my sewing room door at home:
My new goal is to go right up to my sewing room whatever time I get home from work, and sew 10 raviolis. I'm hoping doing something so special when I get home, it will make a clean division between work hours and home hours. I'll let you know how it works. lol.

Aloha, and I hope you're having a great day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Work is acting like the Blob...

Silly work stuff is totally trying to take over my real life.

I'm letting it have this week, and then I'm kicking it out of my time away from the work day.

I should be back posting this weekend.

On on happier note.

I have 150 ravioli completed, and have cut out enough squares for 100 more.

It's fun to see it won't take me 10 years to get to a total of 380 ravioli. :-)

I hope you're having a great week.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Attitude adjustment...

When work gets a little nuttier than usual, it requires extra effort for me to leave it all at work.

Making a cup of tea when I get home, and setting this friend out where I'm sitting, always helps:
Once upon a time, I made bears to sell. All of them were out of 100% wool. Leilani (Heavenly Flowers) is the only one I made out of polyester as a practice bear.

I fell in love with her.

It's amazing, every bear had his or her own face. No two were alike. 

They were crocheted in pieces and then the loops were cut and brushed out. They were very labor intensive and trying to charge for them wasn't worth it. So I started giving them away.

All but Leilani.

Do you have something you've made that never fails to make you smile?

I hope you're having a great week.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The funniest thing about sewing again?

As I posted last time, the only time I spent any amount of time using a sewing machine was over (mumble...mumble...mumble) years ago.

And yet my left hand automatically keeps reaching to the back to lift the foot. I think that must have been where the lever was on the old treadle sewing machine.

All well and good, but the lever to lift the foot on my Brother is at the right of the foot underneath the machine.

(At least I hope that's what my left hand is doing. It would be scary if it's waving around for no good reason.)

Who would think muscle memory could last that long?

Aloha and I hope you're having a great day.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

I love my sewing machine...

I've only really used a sewing machine when I was forced to take Home Economics in 8th grade.

"Forced" being the key word.

No one wanted to use an old, "junky" sewing machine that someone had donated to the school. It was a very ancient Singer treadle sewing machine. Since no one wanted to use it, I spent a whole semester using it for several horrible sewing projects.

This is my machine:

I've had this sewing machine for several years, but never did much with it. It's a Brother XR-65T and I think I bought it in 2005. It's spent most of it's life buried in the back of the closet space under my stairs.

My friend told me to toss this and get a "decent" machine. But I thought, "What the heck. I already have this one."

Tonight I needed some alone time, so I headed up to my stress-free zone room and started playing. I was getting a little tired of making ravioli squares by hand.

Here's a quick summary of how it went:
  • Sew a side, take the square off the machine, pin the next side, repeat.
  • Wonder if I just shouldn't go back to doing them by hand since it was taking me so long to make one on the machine.
  • Pinning all four sides and poking myself as I tried to sew.
  • Deciding I wasn't going to kill myself if I started sewing faster than one stitch each minute.
  • Sewing over pins and trying to remember if that was good or bad.
  • Deciding it was bad when the needle hit a pin.
  • Giving up and sewing a ravioli without putting any pins in.
  • Ending up with only one ravioli that I'm actually going to have to rip and make again.
I have these:
This is one awful pic of 27 ravioli.

I only stopped because I ran out of muslin backing squares.

I'm glad I ran out because I'm really hungry and very thirsty.

But also very happy. I had so much fun and I'm in a much better frame of mind to face Monday.

I hope you have a great week.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


I spent many years as a technical writer/documentation manager in the Silicon Valley. I also wrote "stuff" and edited a few books for a publisher or two.

Tech writing is a sneaky way to get paid for writing. It contributed to my early retirement and 10 years in Maui without really working. Dear Husband and I call it reverse retirement. We had a lot of fun knowing that we would have to go back to work and stay in the harness until we drop.

Our reasoning? We could have 10 years of pure fun and then have other people pay us to slow down.

We've never regretted our decision for a second.

So now I write as a fun, sideline thing. Hence, I edit very rarely, as you have undoubtedly noticed if you've visited here before.

I'm moving my pen and paper writing prompts back online since I realized it would be easier to keep up. My writing blog, Hunter on Maui Writes, will be a collection of my writing prompts that I use during National Novel Writing Month or whenever I feel like writing and my brain is too tired to think.

I received a few emails from people who missed my rude prompt that posted when I was trying to add a second page to this blog and wondered what I said. It's over there.

My prompts can get very rude since I channel a muse that is crazy. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Now back to my regular posts here. Visit my other blog and comment if you're so inclined. Also, feel free to use my prompts if you like.