Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Work is acting like the Blob...

Silly work stuff is totally trying to take over my real life.

I'm letting it have this week, and then I'm kicking it out of my time away from the work day.

I should be back posting this weekend.

On on happier note.

I have 150 ravioli completed, and have cut out enough squares for 100 more.

It's fun to see it won't take me 10 years to get to a total of 380 ravioli. :-)

I hope you're having a great week.



  1. congrats on getting those raviolis done-I am forever with my civil war hexi quilt project-prettydaunting right now lol
    I know what ya mean when work stuff gets in the way of creative fun hugs Kathy

  2. I'm picturing that old movie "The Blob" slowly overtaking everything in its path.
    Great ravioli-ing, looking forward to seeing more of that project in its beautiful colors!

  3. Isn't a pain when life outside quilting gets in the way? I hope you get work stuff sorted soon.

  4. Halfway done with the Ravs! Awesome. Still offering a few extra blue batiks...Hope you have a ling weekend or time off for holidays..and that you have fun, maybe even go to the beach?