Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dear Sewing Machine Diary

After several weeks of things that kept me away from the ravioli, I went upstairs and made 10 of the little darlings.

Then I decided I was going to change to the 1/4 inch piecing foot.

Changing feet is one of those things that very easy once you know how to do it. I figured it out and was pretty pleased with myself...until I started to sew.

The sound of a sewing machine needle breaking is an interesting sound. Not at all like I expected.

So I brought out the package of needles that the fabric store sold me. I couldn't get them to go into the sewing machine needle spot and stay in. I knew I had seen a small thing of needles in with all the attachments that came with my Brother 65. Here's what I bought and here's what I had.
A needle from the old pack fit right in. I can't see a difference in the two needles, but I swear, one works and one doesn't.

I looked and looked and found a post to an old Brother forum that said these needles will fit a Brother 65.
So while I was pondering the whole needle thing, I put in one of the "green package" needles (that has a red head if that's important). I slowly peeked while I lowered the needle and sure enough, the needle would have hit the foot if I'd slammed it down.

To make a long story short, I finally figured out that I had to move the needle over. Another fun adventure of finding out which wheel moved the needle over. (Yes, I did have the manual. Yes, it's not bad when you actually know what you're looking for.)

Now I'm a little over sewing. I'm still pondering if the needles at Amazon will work. And I'm still puzzling why "universal" needles may not be so universal.

At least I actually got 10 ravioli made. And I should be able to string a few of them together. (I just couldn't wait until all the ravioli were done to start seeing a little progress...hence the 1/4 inch piecing foot.)

A short word about my absence.

Life seems to choose to make it's most interesting twists when we're happily making plans and thinking we're almost in control. At least that's what a friend and I decided over tea.

And life happened all over the place in the last few weeks.

I thank you for your notes of love and concern. This blog remains a stress free zone, so only pleasant thoughts here. I can hardly wait to treat myself tonight by catching up on what you've all been doing.

I'll be reading even though I still might not be posting much.

Know I'm thinking about you.


  1. Pleasant thoughts are a balm.

  2. I wrote you about the needles in next post commens.

    I hope you get things going the way you want/ need--both in the sewing room and at work! Hugs!

    r and Mo