Thursday, May 25, 2017

Don't pay the ransom...I've escaped...

For a few minutes. I've miss you all so much. I haven't touched a ravioli since I made my tassel in the last post. Work is being all encompassing. It may be about over.

So this is how I am after work being work and in the middle of everything...moving my office.

I'm bathed in sunshine, and a little wilted. OK, I'm a lot wilted, but keeping upright. 
 I'm holding hope in my heart that I'll even get to sew one ravioli this weekend.

And just imagine the treasures I'll get to enjoy when I get to read all your blog entries.

Aloha, and I hope life is treating you well.



  1. Better days are being sent your way. Special order just for you. Blessings from me to you, too.

  2. Hi! Missing you, hope things improve for you.



  3. Fingers crossed for you this weekend!