Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Universe, fate, or whatever can (verb) itself...

And along those lines, I sat down at the sewing machine to put a few ravioli together. I thought I could simply not breathe another moment if I didn't create something. Something that no one could take away from me or criticize or try to change.

Here were the rules and the instructions to the Universe. There were:

None. Zero. Not a one. Zilch. Less than one. None.

No matter what the sewing machine did or does. (See the previous post.)

The same color can land next to itself or not.

The seams can match up or not.

Many, if not most things lately, I have had to accept that I don't or can't control them.

The Ravioli Quilt isn't one of them.

Witness the truth of it:

I love it. Every single stitch. Every crooked seam. The two little matching squares sitting side-by-side.

I'm even over the occasional clunk the machine makes when I sew a little too fast. (Although I will admit, I keep expecting to break another needle. I can't figure out what's hitting what, but the dear machine I have named Turtle sews on.)

I guess her name is Turtle because she and I stitch slowly along. We're a little slow, but we don't stop. We keep moving forward. No matter what.

Peace and love.

Oh, and does your machine have a name?


  1. I love this post, felt it, especially not breathing a moment longer without creating. I feel that way but still have some recovery from hand surgery to navigate. So I've been longingly watching videos of creating. Hah, not the same, but I'm learning. No machine names here, except perhaps "Ignored". lol
    I love your ravioli(s?)!!!

  2. I have a Featherweight from the 40's or 50's (hmmm, have to recheck the date) which I named "Molly."
    I understand "turtle." I like turtles.

  3. The Ravs are beautiful, like seaglass, so serene. I still want to send you a few squares...

    You should try to find the clunk cause. Prob the needle is hitting the foot. This will in time throw off the tension for some reason, I think bec the then-bent needle doesn t hit the shuttle below correctly. Possibly the foot is not correct for the model? Be sure the toe opening [the oval part under the needle] lines up exactly with the throat plate hole.
    It s dangerous to have the needle hitting, it can break and hit you in the eye unless you wear glasses to sew.

    As for needles, any Universal should fit your brother machine. I use 90-14 on mine which I think is one size smaller. Be sure to position the flat back of the needle in the slot of the shank.

    I never named my sewing machines, only the cars, mostly to help me remember the license plate number. So,lol, we had two Cujos (CUJ)at one time, my current one is Daffy---DFY. Helps me not get into the wrong ubiquitous white white Jeep etc. :-)

  4. No I m wrong the 80/12 is smaller. 90/14 tho is considered size for piecing usually, regular cottons. Green dot on shank.

  5. I'm glad you managed to get a wee bit of sewing done to help balance out the rest of life. Your ravioli are looking splendid.