Thursday, June 1, 2017

Just saying, "Hi."

Missing you.

Not a stitch sewn, although I keep going into my sewing room just to soak up the happy, relaxed vibe.

When I see my ravioli, I think of you and I imagine you happily sewing away. It gives me comfort to imagine you sitting in the sunshine and stitching away.

I looked at my package of 100, bright, shiny sewing machine needles. At this rate they'll last me into the next century.

I can imagine someone down the years saying, "Why did that woman have a package of 100 sewing machine needles?" OK, 99...I put one in the machine, but I haven't actually used it to make a stitch.

Can you tell I'm still at work and starting to get silly? lol.

Love and hugs to you.



  1. How fortunate to have more than one could ever need ... if only time could be so

  2. lol hugs do you-I am back from my yellowstone trip-posted a couple posts and baked bread today hopefully you get to have a fun creative day soon