Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Just a quick "Hello."

Thank you to all of you who have written comments and great, encouraging emails. I've spent a grand total of barely over 20 minutes on the computer since I started my new job last Saturday (7/15). Somehow it seems as though it's been a lot longer than that.

I haven't tried to cram so much info into this brain in years. I actually came home Sunday night and told my husband, "Teacher, my brain is full!"

The pieces of info are starting to shuffle themselves around into meaningful clumps. I need to put a useful flow together now.

The hotel is beautiful. The people are great. It's amazing to meet new people from all over the world every day. A great couple arrived yesterday for a one week stay. The man is Japanese and the woman is Swiss. They are hysterical as they discuss the differences in their cultures. Another couple spent 36 hours traveling to get here from Paris.

The job is accomplishing one of the main things I was hoping for. So many people that travel from all over the world to spend a week here, and I'm blessed to wake up here every day.

My jaded "take it for granted" attitude is already fading.

Today I don't go to work until 3p, so I'm going to go visit all of your blogs that I've been missing.

I hope you're having a great week.


Friday, July 14, 2017

What would I do without you, Lizzy.

Thanks to dearest Liz,  I am no longer unemployed.

Liz, due to your comment yesterday, I put in an online application at 10:59a for a front desk job at a small, boutique resort with 26 rooms. (They are very nice rooms that include three penthouse units.)

I got a call at 11:30a for an interview at 1:30p. It was so hot, I almost jumped into the pool while I was waiting, but I didn't think that would make a good first impression. (They may have forgiven me since it's 90F today.)

I had a new job by 2:15p.

The job is 7 minutes from my home.

I start at 7a tomorrow morning.

Aren't you the smart one, Ms. Liz.

I so appreciate all the words of encouragement and ideas that you have all shared with me.

I wish we could sit together in person for just one afternoon. Until then, here's a virtual iced tea for us to share:

You're the best.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It was an interesting interview...

The interview was a perfect example of everything I've been taught -not- to do when interviewing someone.

The woman who interviewed me had been roped into it. She was busy, distracted, and disinterested. I overheard her tell someone that she had to interview someone, but to wait for her because it would only take a couple of minutes. Actually, I got 14 minutes of her time.

It was a great exercise in holding someone's attention (whether they wanted to pay attention to you or not).

To be fair, she was one of two team leads in the grocery department...and the load had just come in this morning.

It's nice to see real life examples of what works in business and what doesn't work so well.

I'm off to look for another place to work. I'm still waiting to hear from CVS (Longs).

It may be time to start my career in the food service industry. I saw on the way home that Jack in the Box, McDonald's, Panda Express, and Taco Bell are all hiring in my neighborhood. lol.

I hope you're having a great day.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Online Target application done by 10a.

And I got a call for an interview tomorrow at 11a at 11a.

She kept asking if I'd be interested in a shift that started at 4a. Guess they're short someone who's willing to start at 4a.

It's interesting how they schedule. They tell you upfront that they can schedule you 0 - 40 hours a week. The more you cross train and the more you're willing to work call outs, the more hours you get.

I like that they're upfront about it.

Tomorrow ought to be interesting.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

I think we're about to find out if these well used feet...actually this whole well used body...can keep up with the young lions.

Do you know this saying?

"Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill."
We'll see if my motto holds up.

I hope you're week is going well.


Monday, July 10, 2017

I gave myself a quiet day today...

I think things kind of caught up with me today.

So I'm listening to the silence and trying to be quiet myself.

Back at it tomorrow.


Friday, July 7, 2017

My first job application is in...

I just put in my first online job application to:
It's a brisk 3-minute walk from my house. (OK, truthfully, it may be closer to a 5-minute moderate walk in my current physical condition.)

Their application included an online employment test. It was a test of the applicant's customer service attitude and work ethic. Not a math question to be seen, which was fine with me. lol

Monday I'm applying to Target. It's an 8-mile trip all the way into town. (Can you believe I used to commute 2.5 hours each way during the Silicon Valley, California silliness? Now 8 miles seems like a trek across the prairie.)

I'm going to treat myself to a afternoon cup of tea and a nap. Ah, unemployment. I best enjoy it while I can. With hope, I'll be working soon.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

To the beach...three days in a row

These are not nearly as much fun as Lizzy's trips to her beach, but it's a start.

From my driveway there's a little public access path:
Here's the south view that opens up to a public space:
And here's the north view that looks toward a palm tree grove:
Off in the distance is Kaho'olawe, the smallest of the eight main Hawaiian Islands:
And here's our little beach looking north. The land you see is the west side of Maui:
I notice I didn't take a pic straight out from where I was sitting on the beach. It seems odd to me. After all, that's where I was actually looking most of the time. I guess my brain saved the pic...I'll get one for you to see next time.

I sat and read for a while. A new-to-me series by Alex Kava:
Next time, I'm taking Ravioli Quilt blocks to make. I can't quite find a convenient sewing bag to take along, but I'll find one.

No job hunting until Monday.

Thank you all for your support and good wishes as I start this new adventure. How I love adventures.

I hope you have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I'm a free woman...

I'm unemployed.

How strange.

How wonderful.

I have a little sunburn for the first time in months.

I've gone to the beach two days in a row.

My beach is covered with these:
I'm not sure what they are. My neighbor said she thinks they are Azaleas.

I'm off to work on the Ravioli quilt and to binge watch Cutthroat Kitchen.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Four working days to go...

So much silliness at work, I decided to take the holiday off.

I'm glad I did.

Not great pics, but I bet you can guess how I spent my day.

I forgot what it is like to really relax. My shoulders were down where they belong rather than in my ears.

And my dreams last night were my own again...they were not about work.

Wishing you a great Fourth of July and a great rest of the week.

In almost freedom.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Five business days left...

To be honest, I'm not counting working today (Saturday) or the 4th of July. Both are optional, so I've convinced myself they don't count toward the end of this adventure.

(Delusion is sometimes a great state to experience.)

Each day, since I gave notice, has provided validation that I have made the right decision.

A sarcastic word here, an angry voice there, anger everywhere.

A pep talk to myself:
Change is hard for people and as our company changes and mutates so does the uncertainty and fear. All normal, but all very unpleasant. I stayed as long as I could to help, but it's time for me to go.

I'm collecting applications. Target. CVS (Longs). Ben Franklin Craft Store. Even Walmart.

I have told only a few of my closest friends that I'm leaving. And how I do enjoy the look on their faces when I tell them what type of job I want to do.

Actually, some of them are horrified.

From Business Manager to store clerk or courtesy clerk.

It is my dream. No desk that has paper with a million things to do. One thing off if I'm lucky during each day. Five projects added.

Never done. Always stressful.

At a store. No carryover from day-to-day. A fresh start each day. Only dealing with screaming feet (OK, maybe a whole screaming body). Rude tourists, but they pass by quickly. A cranky boss (I can deal).

Minimum wage. I didn't even know it was $9.25 per hour with a promise of $10.10 in 2018.

It means no out food unless there's a desperate need. One car so one of us takes the bus, a bike, or walks. Deciding what's absolutely critical.

And it all sounds like Heaven.

To the beach every day. Making ravioli. Reading. Writing. All those things that wait for a stolen moment here and there.

And the energy that now goes to the "business" and "other" people, being spent on Dear Husband, our relationship, and myself.


Wishing you happiness and a wonderful weekend.